Market Research London

Market Research London

Market Research London was founded in 1999. Market Research London is a London based independent organization that specialises in providing members of the public for qualitative market research focus groups, depths and usability testing.
We have a database of thousands of individuals in the proximity of London, which is made up of all types of respondents from all social classes,ages and ethnic groups and is updated continuously.

Looking to attend a focus group?

Are you interested in taking part in market research? By joining our database, you have the opportunity to be                 selected for relevant focus groups and invited to give your view on new products and advertising campaigns.
Just go to the registration page to register your details.

Once registered you will be sent emails about current focus groups. When you respond to the email, you will be               telephoned to go through a short questionnaire to make sure you fit the criteria needed. Once booked onto the focus group, you will be sent a confirmation email with an invitation stating the venue that  you will need to go to and the incentive you will receive for attending.

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